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At some point prior to the start of CurrentsJennifer, Teen wolf hot teacher, as the Darach, poisoned Danny Mahealani with mistletoeforcing him to eat such a huge amount of it that eventually caused him to develop a pleural effusion, or a large bolus of air in the pleural cavity that prevented Danny from breathing properly and causing his trachea to be shifted to the right.

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Later that afternoon, Jennifer started another English class, which included ScottTeen wolf hot teacher, Ethan and Aidenand she remarked that she knew it was the last class of the day and that she was just as eager to get out of there as they were as she passed out papers.

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When the Beacon Hills Cyclones team plus tag-alongs Allison and Lydia headed back to Beacon Hills on their bus, Lydia noticed something on Coach Finstock 's white shirt under his whistle and took it off of him to take a closer look.

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Later that afternoon in class, Teen wolf hot teacher, Stiles StilinskiLydia Martinand Allison Argent were listening to Jennifer's lecture on Heart of Darkness when suddenly, a crow flew into the wall of windows on the far side of the classroom, leaving a bloody smudge behind and startling everyone in the class.

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When it was all over, Jennifer appeared to be shell-shocked by this bizarre occurrence, but it would later be revealed that she was Teen wolf hot teacher one who summoned the crows and compelled them to commit mass suicide in a ritual to gain more power to carry out her five-fold knot sacrifices.

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The first rituals were at least two mass sacrifices that involved compelling hundreds of crows to commit suicide to increase her power and allow her to use a form of glamour magic to make Teen wolf hot teacher appearance that of an unscarred, beautiful woman to match her new identity, Jennifer Blake.

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Derek smugly retorted that she should begin the lecture with the fact that the novel is an allegory for McCarthyism, clearly trying to impress her with his literary knowledge, but Jennifer assumed that his comment was supposed to be a subtle hint that she shouldn't Teen wolf hot teacher anyone about what she saw before assuring him that she planned to keep his secret.

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However, Kali, who was conflicted about killing her from the start, elected to leave Julia to "die peacefully" of her already-inflicted wounds rather than giving her the killing blow, not realizing that it would ultimately lead to her survival.

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