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Her mother, on the other hand, seems to harbor resentment over Georgie especially after the death of her father, for which she is blamed for.

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Meanwhile, Abel who substituted himself for Arthur to rescue his brother is unmasked by Arwin who is killed by Abel.

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Georgie and Abel managed to rescue Arthur although the boy is mentally tested by the drugs which Arwin used on him to keep him quiet during imprisonment in Dangering mansion.

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Eventually, the mother broke the news to her that she was not part of the family and was actually adopted.

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Although Dangering's son Arwin, the sadistic man who tortured Arthur during his imprisonment, tried to stop them, he died by falling from his horse during the pursuit.

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She was willingly accompanied by her brothers.

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After gaining some information of her birth parents who are Britishshe decided to go to London to find more about her past.

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She was willingly accompanied by her brothers.

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A gold bracelet is her only clue to the past.

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In both media, Georgie real wife story, the story is the same from the beginning except for minor details but near the point of ending it changes when Georgie is forced to leave her first love, Lowell because of his tuberculosis, which can be healed only by an expensive operation that they can't pay because of lack of money.

Apart from wanting to learn about her parents, Georgie also has another goal, which is to find her lost love, Lowell, who had left Australia and moved to London some years ago.

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Georgie real wife story